Welcome to Matriark

Hi and welcome to our new website!

Since we started in the end of April, we’ve been profiling incredible women, talking about the companies they founded, and featuring the beautiful products they are creating on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But there is only so much we can write on social media, and we want to do justice to all of these creative and talented women, and a good old website is the best way to do that.

We will do interviews, posts some articles and share some opinions on relevant topics, and we hope you not only enjoy it, but also contribute as much as you want – we are open for suggestions, and welcome your input.

And today, we couldn’t be prouder to launch our blog with Lane Marinho. We’ve been Lane’s fans for a while now, and we wanted to get to know everything about her and her brand. We asked Matriark’s Brazil contributor Daniela Pizetta to spend an afternoon with Lane for a little tête-à-tête. Lane candidly talks about her life, her craft, and her business. We LOVE that she names every shoe after women in Brazilian music. We admire her for aligning her professional ambitions with her own values. We adored her explanation about why she loves designing flat shoes. We are smitten with Lane, and we think you will be too.

Thanks for visiting – we hope you come back often, and make yourself at home.




Patricia | Matriark Founder