Purple Silk Shibori Kimono with Patch Pockets

Purple Silk Shibori Kimono with Patch Pockets

$2,295.00 USD Mariko Ichikawa

This one of a kind kimono is made from a vintage kimono featuring the kanoko shibori method of dyeing. Kanoko shibori is what is commonly thought of in the West as tie-dye and here required the use of thread for binding in a specific pattern. The beautiful purple color is from a chemical dye. Prior to the mid- 19th century, purple dye had to be obtained from the root of the gromwell plant and therefore was very expensive and subject to sumtuary laws (only those of the imperial court and high ranking samurai could wear).  I have taken inspiration from the shibori pattern and embellished over stains and on the pockets with a multicolored floral embroidery. I have also added a purple cotton lining and patch pockets. Comes with a matching facemask.

  • one size
  • vintage silk shibori
  • patch pockets
  • oversized floral embroidery
  • purple cotton lining
  • complimentary facemask
  • As seen on Karamo Brown on season 5 of Queer Eye on Netflix

Complimentary alterations are offered on all full length styles.