Neroli Wisdom 100ml

Neroli Wisdom 100ml

$190.00 USD Anima Vinci
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We tried to distil the most tranquil situations we could imagine into an enriching, soothing fragrance. The subtle-yet-powerfulcombination of neroli and orange blossom could be exactly what your senses need.

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon, mandarine.
Heart Notes: Orange blossom, neroli, jasmine.
Base notes: Vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin, tonka bean.

Anima Vinci's name:

The meaning of ‘Anima’ comes from the Latin word soul or ‘inner spirit’. ‘Vinci’ is to conquer and it also stems from Nathalie’s last name.

The perfume bottle:

Inspired by minimalism, zen and the elements and designed by Federico Restrepo, the pebble shape maximizes light around the bottle. The cap denotes the heart of a lotus flower and the bottle is made in France from the highest quality glass.