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The Travel Pouch

$50.00 USD Le Jardin Retrouvé

Why The Travel Pouch?

Because Le Jardin Retrouvé's co-founder, Arlette Gutsatz (1921-2012), was also a fan of fabrics. In the 70s, she designed a pouch to carry perfumes. She then had it sewn in India, the country of her affections. When Le Jardin Retrouvé Co-Founder Clara Feder found the only remaining example, she decided to make it a surprise addition to the Wellbeing collection. Each pouch is made with fabric leftovers, one of Le Jardin Retrouvé's ways of respecting nature. The surprise? Because they're leftovers, they're in very limited supply. Have you fallen in love with a piece?  Don't miss it, it will never be renewed.

What is The Travel Pouch?

A quilted drawstring bag with five interior pockets, made from fabric leftovers. You can elegantly carry it on your arm or in your hand or use it for travel! Each cotton bag is carefully crafted and fully lined, with five pockets inside to carry your perfumes, your creams, and all your secrets....

Choose your color and pattern! There are 6 available at the moment, but they are in limited supply and will not be renewed.


Each collection is a limited edition, so don't miss out on your favorite! Please note that as these textiles are leftovers, fabric patterns may change over time.

The five secret pockets inside can hold perfume, toiletries, sunscreen, make-up and are the perfect size for the L'Oracle du Jardin cards or mini travel sprays.

Depth: 15 cm
Height: 23 cm
Length: 24 cm