Libellule Handbag Small in Sand Floral Libellule Handbag Small in Sand Floral
Libellule Handbag Small in Sand Floral

Libellule Handbag Small in Sand Floral

$250.00 USD Textures Atelier

Libellule translates as Dragonfly in French which has long been a mystical symbol of transformation. Our Libellule collection is crafted from unique, global textiles from around the world, creating handmade, one of a kind bags, quilts, and bespoke products. Each item is a unique story reflecting a woven journey from the origins of the textiles, the weavers, and the clients’ preferences. We enjoy creating custom orders from our clients’ textile treasures.

Textures Atelier is a design Atelier specializing in custom designed luxurious hand crafted rugs. Textures Atelier collaborates with an array of modern artists and artisans creating and discovering global treasures from around the world. 

Weaving stories of connection from artisan to client, Founder and Creative Director Paula Lajaunie Viscogliosi celebrates people’s unique stories through the creative collaboration of artisanal old world craftsmanship and innovative modern design. Creating sustainable products with soul, beauty and echoes of distant lands and times.

Paula is committed to supporting the communities where our products are made. Textures Atelier is a member of Good Weave, an organization committed to ending child labor globally in the rug industry.

Textures Atelier has creative studio locations in New York City, Southampton, and Connecticut.