Intaglio Plate, Fulvia Intaglio Plate, Fulvia  Les Cires de Bassompierre - Intaglio Plate, Fulvia  Les Cires de Bassompierre - Intaglio Plate, Fulvia  Les Cires de Bassompierre -
Intaglio Plate, Fulvia

Intaglio Plate, Fulvia

$50.00 USD Les Cires de Bassompierre


What is an intaglio, you may ask? To understand intaglios, we need to travel back in time to the ca 150 years spanning the Neo-Classical revival: the 17th- to the mid 19th Century. This was a time when the European aristocracy would travel around Europe (Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Sicilly...) with a view to becoming Classically educated. The period coincides with the rise in enthusiasm for collecting, with Grand Tourists helping themselves to statues ('marbles'), paintings and all sorts of artifacts, filling their coffers as they travelled along. Intaglios, plaster medallions depicting scenes from Greek and Roman Antiquity, became the standard tourist-shop item to take home.

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Les Cires has decided to create their own little Neoclassical revival by teaming up with plaster makers in Italy to create intaglio-artifacts. These are sent to them in Amsterdam, where they use them to create intaglio-plates: decorative wall hangings in a variety of colours and textures. 

Each item is handmade and entirely unique. 

Hang it with or without a velvet ribbon; or place it in a bookshelf, along with other collected artifacts. 

Product info 

1 plaster intaglio depicting Fulvia, First Lady of Republican Populists (1st century BCE). Painted vermilion red and attached to a round wooden plate covered in Dedar wallpaper, with a brass hanging-mechanism. 


Max 500gr


Diameter (without hanging mechanism): 20cm

Shipping Info

We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours. 


This is a delicate piece of art; please be very mindful when handling it - the plaster intaglios will easily break if they are dropped or bumped against other solid objects. Please be extremely careful when handling this item as it will break if not handled accordingly.

Please note that the customer pays for return shipping.