Festival of Lights Chocolates (Bof of 9)
$24.00 USD $48.00 USD

Enjoy a hand-painted chocolate for each night of Hanukkah, plus one extra for your hostess. Our Festival of Lights Chocolate Box embodies the spirit of the season with swirled teardrops and shining jewels crafted in decadent chocolate. Share with friends and family for a Happy Hanukkah.

What's Inside:

  • (2) Striped Square in Milk Chocolate filled with Coconut Almond Delight
  • (2) Dome in Dark Chocolate filled with Salted Caramel
  • (2) Marbled Teardrop in White Chocolate filled with Hazelnut Mocha Crunch
  • (2) Jewel in Milk Chocolate filled with Peanut Butter Candy
  • (1) Message Tile in Solid White Chocolate
  • Premium, responsibly sourced Ecuadorian chocolate from Republica del Cacao.
  • White chocolate is 31% cacao, Milk Chocolate is 40% cacao, and Dark Chocolate is 65% cacao        
Gift Box Size: 5.125" x 5.125" x 1.5"