Eliza Dress Palm Tree
Eliza Dress Palm Tree Eliza Dress Palm Tree
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$800.00 USD

Hand spun and hand crochet silk dress made by Leafy Couture.

Leafy's Collections feature handmade crochet pieces carefully handcrafted from hand-spun silk yarn dyed with organic pigments (such as mate herb, eucalyptus fiber, coffee and urucum).

Their dresses, kaftans, tops and swimwear are produced by groups of mothers living in small fishing villages in Southern Brazil. Since 2008 we have been developing a social project to foster their economic independence while keeping alive traditional hand-weaving techniques.

Leafy is dedicated to reduce the environmental impact of its business and promote a more responsible way to experience fashion. They source their primary raw materials from suppliers that meet the highest standards of sustainability, craftsmanship and social responsibility.

For the crochet pieces, they use hand-spun silk yarn, produced in the Brazilian Silk Valley (Maringá, Paraná), and dyed with organic pigments from plants and compost. Families on small rural properties provide most of the silkworm cocoons in this area, improving income and contributing to reducing rural exodus. Each hectare planted with a mulberry tree, whose leaves are the only thing silkworms eat, creates a job. Leafy Couture's crocheters are women living in small fishing villages in Brazil who have learned traditional hand-weaving techniques from the elders in their families. Being able to  earn an income working from home has inspired younger women in the communities to start crochet who have been benefiting from our training programs.