Dark Fox Chubby Dark Fox Chubby Dark Fox Chubby Dark Fox Chubby
Dark Fox Chubby

Dark Fox Chubby


This beautiful shade of dark fox fur couldn't be cuter - we are just loving this chubby! 

Not far off from its name, the chubby is a fluffy and robust fur that has made many a fashion resurgence over the past decades...originally gaining popularity in the 40s, then having a big comeback in the 80s....again in the mid-2000s, and now they are just cool all the time if you ask us! 

Features a silky burgundy lining that is a stunning shade and a lovely added touch! It also has paneling under each arm using the same silky material that creates a bit of an asymmetrical bell sleeve. Simply stunning!

If you want to wear the chubby in a chic and more figure-flattering way, throw on your favorite belt, tighten at the waist, and voilà. It isn't often we've come across this shade of fox, either. So soft and stunning. 

Due to the style and shape this coat is very forgiving and can be worn in various ways by nearly anyone! Oversized will make for a great look and you can even belt it. Not sure about size? Email us at info@matriark.com

*all UNRACKED fur coats are second-hand and pre-loved. They have been inspected for damage and any significant flaws will be clearly stated here. FINAL SALE.