Chubby Dewy Drop Chubby Dewy Drop
Chubby Dewy Drop

Chubby Dewy Drop

$485.00 USD Monbouquette

Sparkly, shimmery white, “dew-like” stones are always a good idea✨

Two earrings in one!  Simply put your fingernail into the slit at the top of the ball to drop the sphere and let it rest near your jawline.  It is easy to wear both earrings up, both down, or one each way to give your look an edge.

Good to know:

  • Two earrings in one for added versatility
  • Lightweight for easy wearing all day (and night!)
  • Made of ethically mined 24-karat yellow gold premium, thick plating

How do I clean my jewelry?

We recommend to simply clean your jewelry by gently wiping off any dirt with a soft cloth. Do not submerge into any liquid, including jewelry cleaning solutions. Please do not try to polish gold plated jewelry as it will remove the plating

How do I care for my jewelry?

As much as our jewelry is designed for the everyday conditions of life, some TLC goes a long way.

Rule 1: Let makeup, perfume, lotions, and any chemical substances absorb into skin before putting on your gold plated jewelry.

Rule 2: Take off your jewelry before showering, washing, swimming, exercising, sleeping etc.

Rule 3: Avoid all soaps, oils, perfumes, detergents, and anything abrasive.

Rule 4: Store separately by placing your earrings in the soft cloth inside the leather pouch provided. Do not store near heating vents or extreme heat.