Eau des Délices Pillow Mist 125ml Eau des Délices Pillow Mist 125ml Eau des Délices Pillow Mist 125ml
Eau des Délices Pillow Mist 125ml

Eau des Délices Pillow Mist 125ml

$48.00 USD Le Jardin Retrouvé

Eau des Délices was chosen to represent a timeless shared experience that encapsulates perfume’s ancestry. The eau de cologne origins of this classic blend began over three hundred years ago with Jean Marie Farina’s original cologne that blended herbs, flowers and citrus notes together. Le Jardin Retrouvé founder Yuri Gutsatz's twentieth century formula follows in homage, proving that this combination remains a much-loved favourite.

With the relaxing properties said to be found in lavender and bergamot, the Eau des Délices pillow mist is a soothing respite at the end of a busy day.

Our Pillow Mists are part of the Wellbeing Collection: they help you create a space of your own that is both caring and protective. With the Oracle du Jardin and our scented candles, these Pillow Mists will help you fall asleep: their soothing and relaxing properties will make your bed a real cocoon.” - Clara Feder, Co-Owner of Le Jardin Retrouvé                                                                                        

Did you know?

The Pillow Mist can be sprayed on all fabrics, from your sofa to your car, because it does not contain any dye. Its formulation contains more than 90% natural ingredients (pending approval), organic alcohol, and is vegan and cruelty-free.

How to use it for maximum relief

  1. Unwind with your pre-sleep routine
  2. Spray your favorite pillow mist on your bed
  3. Enjoy regenerative dreams 


Inci/Incid, Alcohol denat (Alcool dénaturé), Water (Eau).

Fragrance Composition