Botanical Aromatic Hand Wash, 8 fl. oz. Botanical Aromatic Hand Wash, 8 fl. oz. Botanical Aromatic Hand Wash, 8 fl. oz.
Botanical Aromatic Hand Wash, 8 fl. oz.

Botanical Aromatic Hand Wash, 8 fl. oz.

$50.00 USD Poetica

Evoking earthy woodlands, this aromatic hand wash is infused with wild eucalyptus and lemon myrtle and warmed by kunzea, cedarwood and cardamom spice.

Washing is a time-honored ritual; the Latin phrase sanitas per aquamtranslates to health through water.

Poetica elevates this daily practice with a gentle, softening hand wash and a fragrant journey through paperbark forests, drawing on native Australian bush oils, warming spices, and skin-soothing cedarwood.

Climate conscious, Poetica's hand washes are made with the finest plant oils, extracts and herbs from biodynamic farming and permaculture gardens. Their organic essential oils come from distillers who practice regenerative and fairtrade farming. 

Made in the USA | | 8 fl. oz. 250ml. | Reusable glass bottle (50% recycled content)

GRANDIFLORA mesmerizing and rich bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium anchored in lush vetiver and exotic woods. Grandiflor invokes a dark floral experience that is heart-opening yet grounding. Energetically, jasmine and ylang ylang are aphrodisiac, geranium detoxifies and balances, and vetiver nourishes and anchors, just as the roots it is distilled from ground the plant to the earth. Dark Floral, Exotic Woods | Epicurean, Fortifying, Cleansing

LEMON MYRTLE & CARDAMOMA kinetic composition of wild blue eucalyptus and lemon myrtle warmed by kunzea, cedarwood and cardamom spice. Poetica's signature Lemon Myrtle & Cardamom scent pairs the potent cleansing modalities of native Australian bush oils with their awakening, energizing and warming influence. The detoxifying, moth-repelling nature of this blend is especially protective of wool and cashmere. Herbaceous, Earthy | Refreshing, Brightening, Deodorizing

  • Pump into wet hands, lather gently, and rinse. Follow with Poetica Aromatic Hand Lotion.