The Matriark Club is an invitation to show up for ourselves, and for each other. We will bring multi-generational members together to share kindness, culture and wisdom through conversations, workshops, dinners and so much more. Together, we will get inspired and learn from each other, nurture our multidimensional lives, and help shape the culture toward gender equality and inclusivity.

There are 2 ways to join the club:

We will be sharing videos, photos and all content from our events on our Facebook page so we encourage you to join our page there for in-depth coverage of everything we do at the club :) The page is private, and only members will be able to see who the other members are. 

We are looking forward to seeing you online and IRL!

The Matriark Club Founding Members
Patricia Assui Reed (Matriark Founder), Amanda M. Fairbanks (Journalist and Writer), Enid Viana (Hamptons Moms Founder), Judi Caron (i-tri Board Co-Chair), Loretta Davis (The Retreat Executive Director), Nell Blagg (Director of Social Media), Tanya Malott (Photographer), Theresa Roden (i-tri Founder), Tia Greene (Liebe PR Founder)