Matriark is place beyond four walls, where you can be yourself and help create real change.         

We feature fashion, design and lifestyle items selected exclusively from women-owned companies. Our doors are open to the world from a beautiful house on Main Street, and here women can come as they are, without any labels.

We host gatherings that can enrich our community's lives, we introduce new talent, have fun, learn, grow, and cultivate relationships.

And while the store is deeply symbolic of our warmth and hospitality, Matriark is much more than a physical place. We are a safe space in the world, beyond four walls, where people feel at home and inspired to create real change. 

When you shop with us, we donate 2.5% our net sales I-tri and 2.5% to Ms. Foundation for Women. I-tri is an organization empowering adolescent girls through triathlon. Ms. Foundation for Women's mission is to build women's collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all. Gloria Steinem is one of its Founders.