A Community of Women with Real Lives
and an Eye for Style

Inspired by our customers and by her own needs, our Founder Patricia A. Reed realized that our mission had to expand from retail to helping women in all aspects of their lives. So, what started in 2019 as a concept store in Sag Harbor featuring Women and LGBTQI+ owned brands, has grown into a multimedia company focusing on women with real lives with an eye for beauty and style.

Through our weekly Newsletter, we comb the globe and pool resources, featuring unique products, incredible services, and invaluable insights that'll hopefully enrich your life, while freeing up your precious time for the people and things you value most. 

We continue the conversation on our Private Facebook Page, and the Newsletter will come to life in our beautiful space in the Hamptons and other spaces, featuring our favorite women and LGBTQI+ owned brands, and offering yet another opportunity to strengthen our community through panel discussions, book signings, and other exciting events tailored just for you.

"More than anything, I want to connect with women who, like me, have real lives and real needs, but want to live it with style. I am creating something I am craving in my own life: I want to have real conversations, to share products and hacks that have been helpful to me and my family, to invite friends and people who inspire me to share their thoughts and wisdom, and to have as much fun as legally possible. This is what Matriark is about: real life unfolding, with a much-needed infusion of beauty, inspiration and laughter. " - Patricia A. Reed

While we welcome and celebrate all people, our curatorial process prioritizes women and LGBTQI+ people and their business because we know you're as passionate about dismantling the patriarchy as we are.