Botanical Essential Oil, Travel Set of 3 Botanical Essential Oil, Travel Set of 3
Botanical Essential Oil, Travel Set of 3

Botanical Essential Oil, Travel Set of 3

$150.00 USD Poetica

Enjoy the complete collection of Poetica's unique essential oil blends in their three distinct personas.

FRANKINCENCE: A meditative medley of wild Andean mint and Egyptian basil grounded in Omani frankincense, French lavender and Moroccan rose, all deeply ingrained in universal purifying practices. Greenery, Incence | Cooling, Meditative, Freshening

GRANDIFLORA mesmerizing and rich bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium anchored in lush vetiver and exotic woods. Grandiflor invokes a dark floral experience that is heart-opening yet grounding. Energetically, jasmine and ylang ylang are aphrodisiac, geranium detoxifies and balances, and vetiver nourishes and anchors, just as the roots it is distilled from ground the plant to the earth. Dark Floral, Exotic Woods | Epicurean, Fortifying, Cleansing

LEMON MYRTLE & CARDAMOMA kinetic composition of wild blue eucalyptus and lemon myrtle warmed by kunzea, cedarwood and cardamom spice. Poetica's signature Lemon Myrtle & Cardamom scent pairs the potent cleansing modalities of native Australian bush oils with their awakening, energizing and warming influence. The detoxifying, moth-repelling nature of this blend is especially protective of wool and cashmere. Herbaceous, Earthy | Refreshing, Brightening, Deodorizing

Diffuse to freshen your space or deepen meditation practice, add to bathing rituals, and pair with wool dryer balls to refresh linens and towels. 

100% Undiluted Essential Oils | Handmade in NYC | .33fl. oz. / 10mL | 300 drops

*Organic ^Sustainably wild harvested