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How to Master Working From Home Routine 101 - Part 1

Hi there,

I started working from home 10 years ago, and I was such a basket case. I was disorganized and all over the place, and it took me a good 6 months to get my act together.  Many of us are trying to manage (I say that loosely) Working From Home for the first time, and some of us have kids to contend with (how ridiculously hard is that?!). 🤯 So if you'd like a few tips, I am sharing what I've learned in the next few days, and today I list 3 tips on WFH Routine 101.  Hang in there and feel free to contact us at if you have a few hacks that you want to share too.

Tip #1. Cleaning up, changing into regular (but comfortable) clothes and putting on some makeup always make me feel more alert and motivated. So unless that's not what you are going for, do not - I repeat - do not - work in your pajamas. OK so maybe you can do this once just to say you did it - take that selfie, post it on stories, then go change your clothes - and preferably before 12 noon, please.

Tip #2. Unless you need or want to gain weight, make yourself get up to get your snacks (as opposed to leaving them all over your desk). Yes, very inconvenient, but your love handles will thank you later. Plus those crumbs all over your keyboard are pretty gross.

Tip #3. Find your computer off button and - yes - turn it off. My computer is on literally 24/7.  But that's why I don't seem to know when I should stop working.  Recently I was forced to turn it off because it was malfunctioning (and that will be for another letter - I am so mad at Apple) and voila - I didn't work after that! Seems so obvious, but that's the truth: having an official "off" time helped me end my day. And yes of course I kept checking my cell phone, but only to check Ellen's @pawsup page on Instagram.

But in all seriousness: this has been hard on everyone. It's OK to be exasperated, but sometimes a bit of a routine can help make sense of this mess we are in, and I hope these basic tips help you in some way.  If you find yourself itching to shop for a few new items to do WFH with style, check our suggestions HERE. Good luck, Matriarks - I will be sending more dispatches from home in the next few days for more advance WFH tips. 😊

Until then, be well and remember to turn that computer off.




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