Happy International Women's Day

Hi there, and Happy International Women's Day!  It's sure nice to take a day to remember and celebrate the achievements of all women in history. But we all know that a symbolic day is not enough. What we actually need is a lifetime of gender equity and peace. 

The struggle for equal rights has been ongoing for centuries. Despite some progress, women are still subjected to marginalization, discrimination, and violence, and women of color are disproportionately affected by this struggle. 

This has always been the inspiration for Matriark, and the reason I started this company. All of us can contribute to a more just world, using the skills and resources we have, connecting with the community we are a part of, and voting with our dollars. 

On this International Women's Day, I thank you for supporting our business and the women behind the brands we feature. I hope you continue to shop with us, and I encourage you to donate to organizations working hard to level the playing field for women and girls everywhere.

Here are a few you can support: Equality Now, Every Mother Counts, i-triGirls Inc., Girls Not Brides, Global Fund for Women, MADRE, Malala Fund, Ms. Foundation for Women, Planned Parenthood, The Retreat, Together Rising, Vital Voices, Women for Women International.

Happy giving! Sending love ❤️Patricia

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