Welcoming 2023

Hi there, I hope you are having a great holiday season! 2023 is almost here, and although I don’t do resolutions, I spend some time thinking about my intentions for the year. Do you have rituals for New Year’s Eve? All of mine come from my native country Brazil: we wear white for NYE, and after midnight my husband and I sit down and write a few intentions and wishes on a piece of paper and save it in a little box. It’s always fun to read the ones we wrote the year prior.

And on January 1st, we all get our coats and rain boots on, go to the beach, and try to jump 7 waves without getting soaked from the freezing ocean. This ritual is a lot more pleasant in balmy Brazil, but it's our special thing to do as a family and a great way for our kids to embrace their multi-cultural background.

Another fun Brazilian tradition is to wear color underwear for the things you want to attract:
⚪️ White: peace and harmony
🪙 Silver: innovation
🔵 Blue: serenity and friendship
🟢 Green: good health and hope
🔴 Red: passion
🟡 Yellow/gold: money and happiness
💗 Pink: romance and love
🟣 Purple: spiritual connection
🟠 Orange: creativity
⚫️ Black: independence

Which one would you choose? I am still debating mine!Rituals like these help me start things fresh, and put me in a more optimistic state of mind. No matter how you celebrate (or not) the New Year, I hope 2023 brings you nothing but joy, success and fulfillment, and that you can create new opportunities to have the life you deserve. Sending love and my best wishes for a Happy New Year! ✨


PS: send me an email if you decide to adopt any of these rituals, I would love to hear which ones and why!
PS2: the Tarot readings have been great! I have a waitlist and I extended about 50 readings all the way through February. Thank you to all participants for giving me the best gift: your precious time! I have some fun things in the works for January, so stay tuned 😉