A brand infused with Veronique's Memories 

W hen I first met Veronique, I could feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sea and the heady scents of her childhood as she described where she grew up. Across the Atlantic in France's Côte d'Azur town of Antibes, Veronique Gabai was being influenced by her mother’s fierce desire for independence, her love for culture, art, design and fashion, and her father’s adventurous spirit. Veronique spent her childhood being nurtured in a beautiful place by the Mediterranean sea, breathing in scents like orange blossoms in her garden, the jasmine sold by the Moroccans at night, the roses and the violets, the pine trees…

Later in life she moved to New York where she had a successful career in the beauty industry but she longed to express her own vision inspired by France and the Côte d'Azur, and energized by the urban life of New York.

She started her own line of fragrances, all inspired by the places, the precious flowers and plants growing in the magical backyards of her childhood.Her fragrances are as beautiful as her gold bottles, and I am in love with her necklaces – one with a compartment to carry your travel spray, and another with a beautiful ceramic pebble that you can spray her perfume on and carry with you throughout the day. Veronique is an artist, a romantic she shares her beautiful life memories with us through her fragrances. 

With love,