Royal Jelly Harlem

Teta and Maya Gorgoni

Full Bio

Royal Jelly Harlem is an African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in February 2011 by mother-daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. After many trips to West and South Africa, they were inspired by the artistry of the printed fabrics. These fabrics inspired an exciting new line of fashion and home décor that would become Royal Jelly Harlem.

Royal Jelly Harlem calls attention to the diversity of the African continent and its culture, traditions and art. We believe in maximizing the boldness of the fabric’s images and prints by designing pieces that embrace this art. We help contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa’s beautiful cultures by purchasing many of our materials from African vendors. Many of our manufacturers are African-born dressmakers and tailors who produce our products in the USA. 

Our women’s fashion line consists of garments made of 100% cotton for the ‘jet-set’ crowd, ‘lunching ladies’ and working women worldwide! Our silhouettes are influenced by the fashions of the 1950s-60s, from slimming tent dresses and flirty dresses to ballerina skirts, tops/blouses, Capri and Palazzo pants. Our Men’s line consists of West African printed board shorts, T-shirts and Palazzo pants. We are extremely proud of our 'Made in NYC' certification. Not only do we appreciate the impact we are having on our community—supplying jobs within the USA and fostering the artistic environment—but we are able to be hands on throughout the entire process. From initial ideas to the time our products are shipped to our customers, we ensure a level of quality that is only achieved by few.