Sofía Sanchez de Betak

Full Bio

Designer Sofía Sanchez de Betak (aka, Barrenechea) is a Buenos Aires born, New York based, Art Director and Fashion Consultant. 

Chufy is a brand that is inspired by places, nature, cities, cultures and people: connecting with small communities that develop native products that identify with their country’s history and traditions. In all these communities there is a common factor, the care of the planet and its resources. We ensure that none of the factories where we manufacture our garments infringe labor laws and human rights.  To encourage fair practices and to set a good example as a brand is our mission. 

Launched in 2017, Chufy  features ready-to-wear, and accessories, and infuses high quality fabrics in a vivid color palette of playful patterns. Designer Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s bold and colorful designs are influenced by the vintage fabrics and traditional garments she collected during her travels across the globe. Chufy reflects a contemporary flair juxtaposed with traditional touches. The brand embodies a woman, that just like Sofia, likes to explore the world and wants to be comfortable yet sophisticated.

Each season focuses on a new destination and its culture, collaborating with artisans to imbue every piece with the authenticity of local craftsmanship. Chufy updates those traditions for modern life. For her first collection, Sofia celebrated her home country Argentina. Her second collection was inspired by the vibrant confluence of modernity and tradition in Japanese culture, anchored in classic silhouettes and eccentric patterns.

As a fashion label, fabric selection is a key factor in minimizing its environmental footprint: 80% of the fabrics used come from organic fibers such as viscose, cotton and silk. Rather than employing traditional printing techniques that use a lot of water in the process, the company prints fabrics digitally – reducing water consumption while obtaining excellent product quality and use the exact amount of ink required for each of our designs.

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