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Nathalie Vaandrager

Full Bio

Sloane Stationery was founded in 2014 by London-based dutch entrepreneur Nathalie Vaandrager, who was raised between Rio de Janeiro and London and originally studied Biology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Nathalie's mother used to give her and her sister gorgeous leather-bound diaries every Christmas and, once Nathalie moved to London where exquisite stationery shops are abundant, she found the inspiration to start Sloane Stationery.⠀ 

Grounded in the English tradition of classic bookbinding, all Sloaone Stationery’s pieces are handmade in England by classically trained craftsmen. Nathalie is on a mission to help you get excited about sitting down at your desk (in the age of an ever-evolving workspace, a working desk may mean a plane, beach, boardroom or park bench). Nathalie is a champion of pen to paper creativity and hope her books inspire you to savor words and revisit big ideas. Sloane Stationery embraces 21st century luxury with beauty, fun and wit.

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