Karibu 365

Sandra Mullings

Full Bio

Sandra Mullings is a first generation immigrant from the Land of Wood, Water, and Reggae Music, Jamaica. She is the Founder, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, of Karibu365. Karibu365 is an Indy Skincare Brand committed to handcrafting Slow Skincare using natural, organic and sustainable ingredients and packaging. Sandra's mission is to encourage as many women as possible, through the use of skincare rituals, to intentionally create space for themselves in their lives to practice Self-care. 

A skincare ritual can be a way to unwind, disconnect with the outside world, and connect with yourself. It requires getting to know your(self) skin intimately, being patient and gentle with your(self) skin, while providing  the opportunity to observe and appreciate yourself on a deeper level. 

Growing up in a single parent household in the Caribbean, Sandra never saw her mother take time for herself. She was always working tirelessly to feed and clothe Sandra and her sister. Her entire skincare regimen consisted of soap and body lotion. As an adult, Sandra came to appreciate not only the physical benefits of a proper skincare ritual, but the mental/emotional rewards of intentional Self-care. These both became even more important as she turned 43 years old, and tumbled head first into perimenopause (bring on the hot flashes and hormonal acne), after two uterine surgeries, and a devastating reaction to one dose of birth control that lasted almost a year.

This was the catalyst for the creation of the first Karibu365 Facial Skin Care line, but the idea was firmly cemented when a visit to the dermatologist ended with medication to treat her acne, and medication to counteract the side effects of the acne medication, but had side effects of their own.  

In February of 2020,she finally quit her full-time job to focus on building her skincare brand, founded in 2017. The goal was to incorporate curated self care experiences with small groups of women on a monthly basis, in addition to formulating effective natural skincare products. Sandra hosted her first self care session in February of 2020. The universe had other plans for her, however. Instead, she found myself channeling her recently passed grandmother’s skills as a seamstress, combined with her skills for formulating skincare, to make fabric face masks and a 5 star moisturizing hand sanitizer with such moisturizing qualities to unequivocally qualify it as skincare first, and sanitizer second.

Karibu365 will continue to evolve into a brand crafting effective natural skincare, and recognizing the value of using skincare as an avenue to practice Self-care.