Sandra Canselier

Full Bio

Coclico Founder and President 

"Most of the time spent outside of Coclico is with my family and close friends. As French born and raised, good food, wine, great conversations, and the occasional escape, are very much part of who I am."

Coclico was conceived out of love for style of a higher standard. Coclico embraces slow-fashion by designing modern footwear that will be relevant season after season, is ethically made and ecologically considerate. Their first priority is to design shoes that are not disposable; styling is timeless and only improves with age. Production is done from start to finish in a small family owned factory in Majorca, and every component is carefully considered for its beauty, utility, and environmental impact.

Coclico’s passion for well-designed and well-crafted shoes is also applied to finding ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing.