Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey

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Rachel Comey (b.1972) is an American fashion designer and creator of the eponymous New York based label. The brand, which started as menswear, grew out of the downtown arts scene of New York in the early 2000’s.Her collections became known for artful custom textiles, graceful modern silhouettes, and covetable footwear. Her work is said to be designed for real women, like herself, with strong opinions, big aspirations, and a view to the world that is at once radical and romantic.

After 17 years, the women’s collection has developed it’s own cultish following. Notable customers and friends include Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Maggie Gyllenhall, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Parker Posey. Comey’s growing empire includes an e-commerce store, NYC flagship brick and mortar store in the heart of SoHo, LA store on Melrose Place, and over 100 wholesale retailers worldwide.

Comey is a member of the CFDA, and splits her time between NYC and her home in Upstate New York with her partner and their two children.

Rachel Comey maintains an ethically conscious position in both design and practice. We pride ourselves in brand embodiment
of the social, political, and environmental values with which our company aligns.

As a vocal supporter of women’s rights, the brand strives
to represent a diverse clientele base—outfitting modern creatives, entrepreneurs and politicians of all social and cultural backgrounds. A Rachel Comey garment serves not to promote uniformity of any stylistic ideal, but to augment a woman’s confidence and unique personal style.

On our own runway, website, and social media platforms,
we prioritize diverse casting and talent partnership. At
the corporate level, our company is largely female led and run. Externally, we partner in production with female led cooperatives and organizations in Peru and support nonprofits Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March.