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Laury Thilleman is a French journalist, model, TV Host, actress and Miss France 2011. She wanted to contribute to a more sustainable future, and she started Parisienne et Alors mixing the love of fashion and passion for the environment. 

A crucial part of her company’s mission is to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way, that considers both people and planet. 

Every capsule collection has been almost entirely MADE IN FRANCE. To reduce their carbon footprint, Laury partnered with garment workers in small workshops in the area of the city of Paris, minimizing fabric wastage, and producing in limited quantities. 

All products are made from natural fibers: cotton, viscose and wool. Whenever polyester has been used, it's recycled polyester. All materials are vegan and thus animal friendly. 

Laury has also established a collaboration with NO MORE PLASTIC to collect money for the Fondation and help preserve our oceans. 

Laury’s team is to made of designers, pattern makers, drawers, photographers, and fashion lovers. All of her collections are designed in Paris and manufactured in Parisian ateliers.

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