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Noemi Sanchez

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Noemi Sanchez is a guest at our Mondays at Matriark. She is going to be interviewed by Theresa Roden, Founder of I-tri on September 21st at 6pm. The chat will be streamed LIVE on Instagram and Facebook (@matriarkofficial). 

Noemi Sanchez is a Rural Migrant Ministry Community Organizer & SEPA Mujer Board Member Community Leader, Activist and Advocate for victims of domestic violence. 

She migrated from Mexico in 1993 and has been living on the East End of Long Island for the past 24 years. After surviving a brutal domestic violence attack in 2011, Noemi rebuilt her life- recovering and re-imagining a better life for herself and her three daughters. Noemi refers to herself as a SUPER-survivor or in spanish “Superviviente”.  Combining her life experience and all that she has learned, Noemi has become a renowned advocate for Latina immigrant women and victims of domestic violence.

First involved in and actively supporting i-tri with her youngest daughter who is also now an active spokesperson for the local nonprofit organization, Noemi went on to joining SEPA Mujer, a local grassroots nonprofit Latina Rights Organization, receiving legal services and as a general member then leading the growth and outreach of the opening of the Hampton Bays Chapter as the Chapter President.

While at SEPA Mujer, Noemi was involved in various rallies, marches, lobbying efforts, public speaking and varying conferences and educational presentations advocating for various issues such as Fight for 15, Farmworker Rights, Violence Against Women and VAWA, Sexual Harassment in the workplace and much more.

Since then Noemi has proven herself in her community as a local Community leader and an advocate for Gender Equality for her work in SEPA Mujer.  Today Noemi has become the second ever member to move on to become part of the Board of Directors for SEPA Mujer as well as becoming the first Latina Immigrant Women Organizer for Rural Migrant Ministry leading the newest project called CASA.

Noemi has been recognized for her courage, and admirable work as 2016 Member of the Year at SEPA Mujer’s 23rd Anniversary Gala and Awards and have been paid homage in numerous newspapers and articles.

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