Marcia Kemp 

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Handmade by artisans from 4 different regions of Peru, as well as Colombia, Ecuador, and 2 regions of Brazil, Nannacay bags are undeniably unique as one model is never a blueprint of the other. The cheerful bags convey happiness and express tribal roots in a handmade work of straw while valuing the work of each individual artisan whose name is found in a tag inside every bag. Founder Marcia Kemp is a former IBM executive and began her quest for mission and purpose as a volunteer at the Children's Institute over a decade ago. A self-declared travel aficionado who is always excited to discover new cultures and traditions, Marcia had an a-ha moment during a visit to the Massai tribe in Africa, where she envisioned sharing the beauty of stunning craftwork with the world. Focusing on places closer to her home, Brazil, Marcia decided to make her dream a reality and started her journey in Peru, where she encountered an incredible cohort of artisans and traveled to the country on weekends over 10 times in the first year while still working at IBM. With the name of Quechua Aimara origin, which means sisterhood of women, Nannacay created a social fashion project called Creative Hands Transforming Lives, serving as a bridge to help people develop their creative potential. Marcia coordinates all the design development and quality from her studio in Rio de Janeiro

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