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Michele Consentino

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Michele Cosentino is a textile artist. She re-purposes textiles of varying colors, textures and prints to create orderly and delightful patterns and images. Michele also designs, sews and knits costumes and apparel. Her designs are inspired by her childhood in upstate New York. 

Michele has a B.A. from Boston University. She studied graphic design at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. After a 15 year graphic design career in NYC, she returned to school at Parson School of Design and received an AAS in Fashion Design.  She continues to take creative classes on new mediums and techniques.

Michele lives in Westport, CT with her husband Ari, her son Uzi, her daughter Wallis and a cat named Lady Di.

"I don’t know about you but I needed a system upgrade.

When our lives were abruptly reduced, I noticed something. I didn’t know who I was without work, friends, and distractions. It was uncomfortable. Could I just sit with myself and just be? I had to learn.

It wasn’t easy and I had to go to the way, way back to uncover many things I had worked to forget. My narrative was off. Things I had been telling myself were just not true. I needed a reboot.

I returned to a childhood coping mechanism and I started making things with my hands. It was centering. I studied new ways to center myself and added discipline. I did it everyday. I gave myself time, rest, and love. I became woo-woo. I tried new things. I re-raised myself the way I wished I had been raised. I was having a ball and I chased that joy wherever it went. I was finally playing the instrument I came here to play.

Let's upgrade. Let's give ourselves what we need and be better than we were" 

- Michele Consentino