Marisol Arteaga

Full Bio

Arteaga combines the finest fabrications and intricate workmanship with ethical and sustainable design practices. A result of cross-cultural collaborations between craftsmen and weavers from different parts of the world, the line's essence and aesthetic is deeply rooted in authenticity, luxury and heritage. Brooklyn based, Arteaga is an emerging womenswear brand featuring exceptional textiles, traditional apparel craftsmanship, and a global artistic influence. The Arteaga collection highlights the exquisite and is created for longevity: each piece is meant to be worn for years to come.

An unrestrained harmony of cultures and influences—not just in color and aesthetic, but also philosophy and practice—all brought together with an artisanal based approach forms the hallmark of Marisol Arteaga’s designs. The daughter of a lauded poet, her work reflects her upbringing and the inspirations she’s gathered in her search for beauty. From her studio in Brooklyn, she incorporates elements from art, architecture, textiles, and apparel craftsmanship into a singular modern vision. With over a decade of concept, design, and trend forecasting experience, her collection embodies luxury, ease, and a romance. Her unique creations are rooted in sustainable design practices. They aim to create a loyal base, which will empower traditional weaving communities and help preserve indigenous design practices from different parts of the world.

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