Marcia Patmos

Full Bio

Having honed her skill at the Rhode Island School Of Design, Marcia headed to NYC where she learned the industry within corporations that provided the invaluable insights into merchandising and business, rounding out her creative skills and natural inclinations to make product that was special. Patmos co-founded Lutz & Patmos, a collection of sweaters, separates and accessories that merged the highest quality of cashmere fibers with timeless silhouettes for a refreshing take on modern luxury. More importantly, this brand was a pioneer in the field. Lutz & Patmos was the first brand to recognize the relevance and power of collaboration. Season after season, they carefully curated a muse, mentor or advocate – an icon within the cultural zeitgeist, that would inspire press and audience attention and ultimately, sales. Bigger than that, Lutz & Patmos championed philanthropic passions through their collaborative limited edition designs with a percentage of sales designated to charities also chosen collaboratively by the muses and the designers.

A true global citizen, Marcia is perpetually on the hunt for the beautiful, the new, the forgotten. Staying true to her love of art, architecture and design, Marcia continues to seek inspiration in both the ordinary and the extra-ordinary, the practical and the decorative. A new color palette, seam shape or unique construction technique is always close at hand, waiting to be discovered, developed and shared. It’s both a passion and a joy.

Merging fashion with art, design, and a deep knowledge of manufacturing and production techniques, Marcia Patmos crafts a modern yet timeless clean luxury product. With her collections she creates garments intended to be worn for years, not single seasons. Her aim is to provide an elevated, easy-wearing wardrobe comprised of beautifully made clothing with just as much comfort as style.

At M.PATMOS, manufacturing is personal. They make clothing that has a story and a person behind each lovingly made fiber, fabric and stitch. That story includes the combination of traditional techniques with modern technological innovations to create elegant and refined collection made by people earning a fair wage and working under safe labor conditions. M.PATMOS is an elevated brand for a special customer who understands the leading edge of fashion and sustainability.

The M.PATMOS woman is drawn to timeless pieces with modern, unique details. With a beautiful, simple color palettes, artisanal textures and expert tailoring, M.PATMOS shares an artistic and refined sensibility.