L'AVANT Collective

Lindsay Droz

Full Bio

Co-Founder, L'AVANT Collective.

Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord's instant friendship was sparked at a mutual friend’s wedding, where they were both 9 months pregnant and the only ones not lining the bar. Fast forward 10 years, two successful careers, 6 babies and many wine filled evenings dreaming of starting something of their own, they finally took the plunge.

L’AVANT Collective was born out of the near constant demand for cleaning up after their kids and pets but wanting the products they used to be non-toxic, highly effective, and conveniently located. Their goal is to merge their modern home interiors and styles with the products they use on a daily basis in a sustainable and plant-based way.

Born: Seattle, WA and oldest of two (Love you Chase!)

Kiddos: Mother to 3: 1 boy and 2 girls. We like to bring pops
of pink and sparkles to Kristi every chance we get!

Enneagram: #3 to a tee

Career (before L’AVANT): Sales and marketing in the medical device world (Yup, the social butterfly of the two!)

Scariest part of leaving career for cleaning products: Saying goodbye to a career that I was truly great at and then take the risk of running a business on our own.

Best part of leaving career for cleaning products: Betting on myself (and my incredible partner!) to create a company that I believe in and know will make a difference in the overall green cleaning space. Toxic and ugly plastic cleaning products: We’re coming after you! 

Home style: Traditional

Biggest fear: Not being good enough.

Secret obsession: Binge shopping at Goodwill for vases and puzzles (I still have yet to find a puzzle with missing pieces), making flower arrangements (with the vases I found at Goodwill), and watching anything on Bravo. Oh, and my husband Chris!

Favorite drink: Rye Old Fashioned

Favorite L’AVANT product: Our biodegradable plant-based cleaning wipes.  And we’re about to add a fun twist… just wait!