Khara Jewelry

Elizabeth Cordova

Full Bio

Khara Jewelry was born in honor of Elizabeth Cordova’s parents, both from Apurimac/ Cusco, Peru.  

Elizabeth is looking to help preserve the Peruvian Jewelry Thechnique that comes from ancestral knowledge which has existed from before the Inka Empire and bring jobs to the artisan community of Apurimac. Due to the increase of the poverty in the region, they are leaving this ancestral art and moving to jobs in areas such as mining and construction, thus reducing the possibility to grow and expand their skills. Elizabeth’s mission is to provide some of these artisans a way of life and better education for their kids while preserving their craft.

 Peruvian Jewelry technique consists in crafting different kinds of gemstones. Mostly, turquoise, Jade, Onyx, lapiz and lasuli which create colorful patchworks with the addition of Spondylus and other Peruvian shells that have different colors: orange, red, purple  and Mother of pearl. 

 Khara’s Handmade Peruvian Jewelry is made with Sterling Silver 950.