Julie Mollo

Julie Mollo

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Born in central Massachusetts, Julie moved to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn at 18 to attend Pratt Institute. She was always inspired by retro-classy fashion that never took itself too seriously and while she was still in college, she started my career in stage-wear by cold emailing Katy Perry's manager (on myspace) and creating the iconic, fruit-inspired ensembles she wore during her breakout years. 

After graduating in 2010 she continued putting shapes all over pop star dresses and then put out a collection of separates for 5 seasons between 2014-2016. In the summer 2016, Julie was still doing stagewear and enjoying it, but knew something was missing. She wanted to put her product in front of a whole new, larger group of people, so she applied to do her first ever pop up shop at Chelsea Market in NYC. Along with her clothing, she knew that to round out my product selection, she needed ONE MORE PRODUCT to sell that customers would not have to try on and that still got her vision across. She did not have a lot of money to put into development so she looked around her home studio to see what materials she already had- she found some extra zippers, sparkly fabrics and some super fun shape patterns from the days of putting shapes all over my pop star dresses... so she made a bag. 

And her clutches are sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone that sees them! 

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