Jess Vidal

Jess Vidal

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A family owned and operated business, the brand's accessories are handmade with Brazilian semi-precious stones and different metals, creating a unique and original design. 


“The beauty of the stone and its energetic power, is the main source of inspiration for my work. It is what transforms the accessories in exclusive and special pieces. " – Jess Vidal


Australian-Brazilian stylist Jess Vidal, from an early age, showed interest in the universe of art and fashion. Graduated in Fashion Design at the Roy al Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia, she collaborated with brands like ‘Material By Product’ until she was awarded for studying fashion in France. Living in Europe for two years, he immersed himself in Haute Couture techniques in Paris, and stone sculpture in Carrara, Italy, where he made his first marble sculpture, discovering his passion for stones. Back in Brazil, he worked as a costume designer for the musical group Mawaca and as a stylist for several brands including Gloria Coelho, until he created his own accessories brand that bears his name.

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