Jenny Monbouquette

Full Bio

“How can you work with your mother?” is the question Lily tells me she is always asked. She now tells them, “It was destiny.” We rediscovered an entry in Lily’s Baby Book where I quote Lily (age 5) telling me that one day, we will have a design business - I will be the boss of her while she is little, and she will be the boss of me when I am old. I would say that right now, we have achieved a steady state, fully collaborating on every design and business decision to the point where we can’t remember who initially thought of what. We each bring different talents to this endeavor but feed off each other to create something much better (and more fun) than either of us could do alone.

Creating fun, transformational jewelry was born when I enrolled in a jewelry making class after the loss of both parents. My creative output was overwhelming. Hundreds of designs later, Lily suggested we think about how to turn things into a business.

She brought her business experience from working in the fashion industry, most recently as a merchandizer for a leading fashion brand in NYC, and I brought mine from 30+ years managing my art consulting business in LA.These discussions gave us a daily reason to connect while living 3,000 miles apart.

Our earliest design concepts took years to develop. In 2019, Monbouquette Jewelry was officially launched. Two years later, we were granted a patent for the inventive functionality of our designs and we have continued to build upon the basic premise of making innovative jewelry that gives more than originally meets the eye. Our designs are directly inspired by artists we admire and who share a sense of playfulness and beauty. We love doing what we do and can’t imagine a better way to connect with each other and our kindred spirits.