Citizens & Heirs

Jade Ford

Full Bio

Self-taught designer, tailor, and fear fighter. Playing in fashion is what Jade Ford does; her purpose is to inspire young girls and women to fight fear while  they go after their dreams. Fashion has been Ford's tool of choice when standing up to her fears. When she moved to Brooklyn from LA back in 2003, she was able to express the creativity that had been bottled up inside her with her passion in hand. Brooklyn gave Ford permission to explore and release her creativity through style. Working as a wardrobe stylist with many reputable brands through the years was exciting, though  she wanted more. The "more" was learning to sew, which seemed a daunting task; fear loudly told her that she would never become "good enough." In 2015, when Ford  met her now-husband Elvis, he bought her first sewing machine and taught her the basics of sewing. Ford is where she is today because her husband's belief in her was stronger than her own.  

Ford got into custom design quickly because she always loved the idea of making things your own. She began designing on the back of camouflage jackets with grand floral imagery that people love. She birthed her own design company, Citizens & Heirs in East Hampton to house her collection and take on custom projects. Citizens & Heirs is also a luxury athleisure brand that will soon be launching a unique line of tracksuits. Citizens & Heirs is derived from the Bible and is an identity reminder of how God sees you in His Kingdom. With this at the forefront, Ford is reminded daily to keep fighting for the good in her life. 

When she's not designing for her brand, Ford is an in-demand tailor in the Hamptons. Known around town as, "Thee Hamptons Tailor,” Ford offers convenient fittings at your home or office by appointment. Also, she works 1 on 1 with boutique owners here in the Hamptons and throughout NY on special products for their unique stores. She is also brought into repair damaged stock, as well as custom mask creation, in-store  tailoring, and more. Ford is the secret weapon to a lot of people's wardrobes and flourishing boutiques.

Ford 's creativity has brought her farther than she could have imagined given her relatively new introduction to the fashion industry. Citizens & Heirs is more than a collection of unique products, it's an inspiration for others to fight their fears. Her fighting fear and inspiring others to do the same. It's silencing the negative chatter and surpassing your expectations, taking small steps, and always moving forward no matter what's in front of you. Most importantly it's been about her understanding the power, strength, and abundance that flows through her hands onto all that she touches, creates, and stitches!

Keep fighting and remember, Yes You Can.