Hiywet Girma

Full Bio

Yesaet is created from the heart. Yesaet is Modern Luxury, Brooklyn x Ethiopia, inspired by centuries of ancient Ethiopian Craft. 

It stems from, and is nurtured through, my roots in Africa', says founder Hiywet Girma, 'where I grew up surrounded with bountiful intricate textiles, bold colors, patterns and prints. Textiles in particular have always fascinated and inspired me - they are the starting point for a collection.

In her 25-year career as a designer in New York, she saw first-hand the waste of resources that results from favoring the speed and never-ending cycle of fashion over the wellness of people and planet.

As a designer and a mother, she knew that the only way to forward is to create responsibly - fashion and purpose must come together. Sustainability is no longer a choice. Ultimately, we need to choose the wellness of our planet and each other.

From her passion for artisan craft and luxury, timeless fashion and sustainability, Y E S A E T was born.

In Amharic, Y E S A E T means 'of a woman' and the brand's sustainable practices and priorities are designed to capture and reflect women's strength, focus and resilience. 

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