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Flavia Madeira

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In 2005, the future awaited Flavia Madeira in an unpretentious accessory shop in Greece. She had never dreamed of being a jewelry designer, yet at that moment, she had an epiphany: all those very different pieces, made of materials that had nothing to do with the precious stones encrusted in necklaces and crowns, deconstructed a preconceived idea of what jewelry should be.

When she returned to Brazil, she borrowed her sister's old tools and started creating. 

Considering her restless nature, she was amazed at her own ability to dedicate hours to the craft. The metal's incandescence and its transmutation power captured her attention, and the Greek prophecy was finally fulfilled. She started to study jewelry design at IED – Instituto Europeo di Design, where she graduated in 2009.

In 2013, Flavia opened the atelier that bears her name, and since then, she has been combining technology and handcraft with art to create pieces that escape the ordinary. 

Crews, clock gears, rubber, wood, fabric, glass beads, and brass are some of the materials that have already become jewels in her hands. Flavia often says and proves with her pieces that the value of a material depends on one's perspective.

Her extroverted personality shines through in her many collaborations with other artists - not by chance, the mechanical gear has become a symbol of the brand, reinforcing the belief that everything becomes more interesting when there is an exchange.

That's why admiring a piece designed by Flavia Madeira is, even without knowing it, to get to know the artist a little. 

It's to be amazed by the Coral necklace's beauty, which the artist sees as a gift from nature. It's to cling to the buoys of the Lifeguard collection in a moment of uncertainty. It's to carry the desire for renewal symbolized by the Beetle ring on a finger. It's to dive headfirst into the cyan blue of the Road Pool earrings, which bring the promise of a happy summer day. Or, as she described it once in a little poem: "like a pool on the road, blue, empty and vertical, dreams of water, joy and the horizontal".


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