Evelyn Subramaniam

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Bija was born of a personal journey. As a young girl in Mexico, Evelyn Subramaniam watched her grandmother, mother and aunts use traditional plants, herbs and flowers to beautify and to heal, without fully understanding why. When she got older, she traveled the globe as a model and broadcaster and tried every of-the-moment product out there—cosmetic, nutritional and supplement-based—to support her vitality, skin, and mood, often swayed by big promises and fancy packaging, yet unaware of the hazardous ingredients these things often contained. 

When she married and became a mother, she was welcomed into her husband’s Southern Indian family. In a yellow house surrounded by coconut trees on the Deccan Plateau, the family matriarchs passed down traditions of touch, massaging her infant children’s tiny feet with oil freshly harvested from the groves to soothe and nurture them naturally. This was the beginning of my voyage of discovery into the ancient art and science of applying pure and unadulterated therapeutic oils to the body. It’s where she learned to create a daily ritual of clean, safe well- being for her family and herself. 

Her children have grown now, and so has her passion and understanding of the power of therapeutic oils and the crucial importance of clean and toxin-free skincare products. She created Bija Essence to share the products she uses everyday—anti-aging plant oils infused with proprietary blends of the highest-grade essential oils, selected to balance and support areas of vulnerability. Bija is Evelyn’s invitation to others to discover the precious resource that changed her life and that is the heartbeat of this story: organic virgin coconut oil produced in traditional ways by farmers she has come to know and love, from the region where her family has its roots. These oils are her trusted allies in supporting and protecting the well-being of those she loves, and ensuring they stay connected in a world that often hustles us into states of separation and stress. Evelyn hopes that Bija brings you the same joy, harmony, and happiness as it brings to her and her family each day. 

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