Marie Douat

Full Bio

Marie Douat was working as an art appraiser in Paris when a mutual friend introduced her to renowned shirt maker Bruno Rubinski. Their connection was instant, and Marie soon became his second-in-command. For almost three years, she ran every aspect of the business alongside him, and learned to appreciate the true beauty in bespoke clothing thoughtfully made to match the wearer’s lifestyle and personality. 

In 2016, Marie embraced an exciting new adventure of a different kind: she moved to New York for love. Living in the city where everything feels possible — and where the entrepreneurial spirit is ever present — lit a spark in her. In October 2017, Marie launched DOU.K, a studio of custom-made shirting with a commitment to respect the environment and a focus on building meaningful relationships with an exclusive clientele. 

Until now, the bespoke tailoring industry has focused almost exclusively on men, something DOU.K Studio is working hard to change. Marie developed specific fits for women to ensure your shirt fits as perfectly as your favorite Little Black Dress. She partners exclusively with highly-skilled artisans in Europe and is committed to minimizing our impact on the planet. 

Marie made a special ready-to-wear shirt for Matriark, and if you are looking for a custom-made shirt, contact Dou.K to set an appointment. With 80 collars, 30 cuffs, and 50 more options for customization, Marie will help you design a luxurious, fun, or edgy piece that best reflects your style.

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