Pisani et al.

Daniela Pisani

Full Bio

Daniela Pisani spent decades working in fashion in Milan, not far from her home in Tuscany. Then one day, she decided to follow the dream of putting together a team of talented and dear friends: Lynn Shapiro, Mariza Scotch and Robin Marino. 

The four friends packed their bags and headed to another constellation: pisani et al., where quality really matters, seasons don’t, and everything feels authentic.

Creating a little universe of accessories, including bags, small leather goods, jewelry, scarves, home items, and fragrance, they had one key goal in mind — to work with friends. The four friends focused on creating a world built around the way they want to live: curious, unafraid and ready for adventure.

Their small-batch production, using exquisite materials, is made entirely in Italy by some of the best suppliers and factories in the world.