Maison d'Etto

Brianna Lipovsky

Full Bio

Brianna Lipovsky is the Founder of Maison d’Etto. A former agency executive and brand builder who is marked by her incredible attention to detail, vast knowledge of the fashion, luxury, lifestyle and beauty industries, as well as her fierce passion for the equestrian world.
Following over a decade of successfully working with top-tier brands, and running highly sought-after creative agencies in North America. A personal desire to have a business of her own as well as a creative outlet led to Maison d’Etto. Its development began with two of Brianna’s greatest passions: horses and scent. Brianna was intrigued by both as a young girl. Her first scent memory was riding a lawn mower with her father — the intoxicating scent of freshly cut grass, mixed with gasoline and the sharp metallic notes of the blades. Her further olfactive exposure took on a life of its own at the age of five when she rode her first horse and her life was irrevocably changed. From that point forward, her days were spent at the stables, caring for, cleaning, training and competing horses.
With olfactive territories being developed in the first decade of life it’s no surprise that horses and nature serve as the pillars of inspiration for Maison d’Etto. Brianna began Maison d'Etto as a way of merging these two loves. The power of scent as a means of memory — of storytelling — has remained a constant source of curiosity and meaning throughout her life.
When Brianna is not balancing family-life, launching her own brand, or running her own consulting agency, she can be found on a horse climbing her way up to the Grand Prix Level of Dressage – a discipline she describes as living, breathing art.


About Maison d’Etto

Maison d’Etto is a luxury brand of artisanal fragrances, created to inspire moments of connection, refection, well being — nurturing the human spirit one moment at a time. Gender-neutral creations developed with the intention of being noticed and designed for an undeniable connection, offer a new modern take on luxury fragrance.

Maison d'Etto focuses on five key aspects of connection — the sacred pillars that help us to achieve a sense of balance and wholeness. These include: connection to self, connection to others, connection to nature, connection to the world, and finally, connection to finding ones' purpose.

Drawing inspiration from art, architecture and design as well as Brianna Lipovsky's unique interpretation of the contemporary equestrian lifestyle. 

What does Etto mean? Etto is a combination of Ethics + Motto, created by writer, novelist and female polo player Courtney Maum. It represents the core truths and beliefs you carry with you despite where you are or what you are going through in life.

It also stands for "Each To Their Own". It is a brand that refuses to dictate values and beliefs to its wearer but rather empowers them to explore what Etto uniquely means to them.