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Angela Caglia

Angela Caglia

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Long before she founded her namesake luxury botanical skincare brand, master esthetician Angela Caglia transformed the skin of iconic faces like Barbra Streisand, Sting and Helena Christensen with her magical hands, endless knowledge, and innate skin intuition.

In her 25 years of experience, Angela, who was lovingly named “Hollywood Glow Girl” by one of her celebrity clients, has analyzed more than 20,000 faces under her magnifying mirror. In the past 10 years, she noticed more and more sensitized and reactive skin.  Angela could see that clients’ lengthy skincare routines—usually a Molotov cocktail of aggressive products from the trendiest lines—were the culprit.  This compelled Angela to create a curated collection of results-driven natural skincare products that could restore the skin’s lipid barrier—formulated only with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients—a brand that would empower women to listen to their skin’s own intuition.

This was the question Barbra Streisand posed for Angela during a 2-hour facial at Streisand’s home 8 years ago. While Angela thrummed, massaged and sculpted Streisand’s legendary cheekbones to high heaven, she told Streisand that she had always been inspired by the star’s achievements, notably writing, directing, producing and starring in award-winning Yentl. Streisand then said, “I was 40. I achieved my dream at 40. How old are you?”

Angela paused her thrumming and said, “I’m 40.”

Streisand opened her legendary eyes, turned towards Angela and said, “Well, what’s your dream?”

A skincare line was born.