Ana Martins

Full Bio

Ana Martins is the Founder and Creative Director of Filienna.

Filienna merges the craft of filigree jewelry making with the art of henna design. 

The Latin word Filia means daughter; but to Ana, it means the daughter of Filigrana – an ancient, lost tradition of jewelry-making technique. The art of Filigrana weaves together lace-like metal threads into an intricate, swirling tapestry of jewelry.

Body art painting, most commonly known as Henna, was originated in Egyptian times as a form of art and expression. 

By joining together the craft of filigree and the art of henna we introduce –Filienna.
The birth of Filienna is a unique blend of craft and artistry, a complementary representation of our abilities and creativity. We are all unique, each possessing precious gifts to give to the universe and to ourselves.